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Anthony Anderson
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December 28, 1951 Retired Married 3 Alberta Sims (Lowder)
Hello everyone, I'm the son of Alberta Sims (Lowder).  Currently living in Phoenix, AZ Send Anthony a MessageSend Anthony a Message
Barbara K (Burch)
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September 02, 1987 Single 3 I love it
I love my family Send Barbara a MessageSend Barbara a Message
Marilyn Troutman (Cave)
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April 03, 1953 Production Control Operator Divorced 1 Grand-daughter of Charity Lowder Hearns
             I just Love Family!! Send Marilyn a MessageSend Marilyn a Message
Archie Lee (Coats Sr.)
August 12, 1959 Retired 2 I am still looking for this information, I am a Coats for sure.
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Tamara Evans (Coney)
February 22, 1977 cook Married 2 daughter of Earl Evans
The time is almost here for me to FINALLY meet my family!!!!!!! Send Tamara a MessageSend Tamara a Message
Arthur Deesaw
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Field Specialist Married 1 Lowder

Sometimes the sky looks dark with not a ray of light,

We're tossed and driven on, no human help in sight,

but there is one in heaven who knows our deepest care,

Let  Jesus solve your problem-just go to Him in prayer. 

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Pamela Evans (Foster)
April 23, 1965 Computer tech Widowed 3
I am ready to breathe the aura of my people! Send Pamela a MessageSend Pamela a Message
Alethea Harvard
April 28, 1973 Medical Secretary Single 2 I am the great great granddaughter of George and Mary Coates. The great granddaughter of Estella Coates and Hershel Knight, granddaughter of Tommie Lee Knight and Annie Mae Richardson and daughter of Stella Knight and James Harvard.
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Sylathia Lewis (Lester)
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February 10, 1980 home nurse Committed Relationship 3 Ruby Lowder,Sarah Armstrong,Diane Hunt
We only get one family  
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Amos Lowder
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February 25, 1940 Retired Married 3 G/Grandfather-Frank Lowder G/Grandmother-Rose Coats Grandfather-Ivey Lowder Grandmother-Sarah Travis Father-John(Buck)Lowder Mother-Della Tatnall
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